Making NFTs Easy and Valuable

NFT Production and Minting

Custom Branded NFTs

Our team works with you on graphic design to produce unique NFTs that fit and promote your brand.

Image Generation

Using our skilled digital artists and graphic designers, our team generates thousands of NFTs at one time.

Blockchain Upload

Our technical team handles all aspects of blockchain minting to ensure your products are added through the Aurora blockchain.

Centralized Dashboard

Tokn’s user friendly dashboard allows your brand to track users that have taken advantage of the program and gives insight to their web 3.0 footprint.

Custom Integration

Tokn’s platform easily integrates with many point of sale systems and current consumer loyalty programs, allowing you to connect web 2.0 data to new blockchain data analytics.

Customer Experience

Tokn’s team of Customer Success Managers guide you through NFT minting and art production, helping you focus on data analytics and reaching your target audience.

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