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Reimagining customer loyalty

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Customer Loyalty systems are siloed and dated.
Engage your audience with tokn.

Our Services

Build Customer Loyalty

Unique NFTs reward your customers and build excitement around your brand and products

Fresh New Take

NFTs and tech innovation put you at the cutting edge, to cement relationships you have built

Universal Integration

Utilizing Web3 technologies, tokn’s platform is designed for integration utilizing your existing tech stack

Access to Web3 Wallet

A Web3 wallet interacts with thousands of different touchpoints giving you access to new data that couldn’t be captured before

"In 10 years every major company in the world will have an NFT infrastructure, the same way they have social media today. I said this about websites in the 90s, social media 15 years ago -- I'm not wrong about these things."

- Gary Vaynerchuk

How it works

Purchase a product

Purchase a product from our tokn partner network

Redeem Tokn Code

Each product comes with a tokn scratch off that reveals a code to redeem the NFT

Claim NFT

Using your favorite wallet, claim your NFT, with walk through videos to guide you through

Get Perks and Rewards

NFT holders have access to exclusive content, events, and other rewards through the tokn network

Making NFTs easy

Our team works with your organization on graphic design to produce large quantities of unique NFTs that fit and promote your brand

Unique Rewards

Tokn builds loyalty programs using utility NFTs to reward customers with merch, discounts, events and more

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